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How storytelling is the key to brand authenticity

We all know (and I hope you do by now) that brand authenticity is a mainstay in a consumer's purchase decision and helps build trust and loyalty between the two parties.

90% of consumers look to brand authenticity when deciding which brand to support, and 64% of today's consumers are faith-based buyers. (2020 Trust Barometer from Edelman)

In this article, we share three ways tips on how to convey your brand authenticity through storytelling

"Brand authenticity refers to the degree to which a brand's marketing and messaging match the reality of its products, values and actions." - Frontify

Being a brand in today's world comes with a lot of responsibility;

  • To be consistent in its messages and values,

  • To be transparent and honest in their actions,

  • To be consumer-centric in its way of doing business and creating customer experiences

  • To be purposeful in their mission

  • To deliver quality products and services

This is where the art of storytelling comes into play.

Now, you may be thinking:

"Is not storytelling a fundamental principle in marketing products and services, we already do that".

Yes, you can tell a "story" about your product or service,


  • Discover our long-lasting foundation, developed by a team of experts for the working woman who works all day and needs a fresh face at night

  • Our latest campaign appeals to the most professional athletes looking for high-performance sneakers

  • We have invested $5 million in our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to drive organizational change

These examples are great and absolutely serve their purpose. This is the "I share and tell you what my product or service can do for you, I tell you what we are doing to support X, Y, Z"

When it comes to brand authenticity, today's consumers want to see it, feel it and experience it.

This is where the art of storytelling comes into play.

Here are our three tips on how to convey your brand authenticity through storytelling

#1: "Seeing is believing"

You are investing $5 million in an EDI campaign, show us.
Your sneakers are designed for high-performance athletes, show us.
Your foundation was created by a team of experts for today's modern woman, show us.

What's the best way to show and tell a story today? with Video, yes Viiiiiiiideo!

Video allows brands to tell a deeper and richer narrative through visual content that is engaging to customers. It conveys the message you have as a brand, and it creates connection and engagement.

Think of it almost as reality TV for your brand, without the drama... or keep the drama!

Consumers feel connected to the process, to the people behind the brand, and they want to see products and services in action.

They want to see you actually doing what you say you do.

#2: Create the story FOR your people

Stories that bring people together create a sense of community, a sense of community creates a tribe, a tribe for a brand is very, very, very good.

How do we do that? By telling a story that is authentic to your brand and that your customers can identify with.

Every working woman knows that when you come to work fresh-faced in the morning and have to go straight to a business dinner in the evening, you need to be able to rely on your foundation.

In other words, remember WHO, for whom you created the product and service, and tell a story that your audience and tribe can relate to.

You'll see how much user-generated content can be created when your brand tells a story that your everyday customers can relate to.

#3: Share the stage

We have become so accustomed to brands defining exactly who, what, and how the messaging around their brand should be that it's no surprise that they simply lose their authenticity. The "sponsored" messages and products... are simply no longer up to date.

Share the stage, invite brand ambassadors, "friends of the brand", employees, the people behind the magic to share how they experience the brand, the product, the service.

*Disclaimer: It's not about going completely off the deep end and giving everyone a chance to speak their mind on behalf of your brand.

NO, it's simply about bringing key people together to share their experiences in their OWN words.

I love the example of Chanel's Ambassadors and Friends reviewing their experience of the FW 2023-2024 show in their own way: Peep the example

In summary, it's great to be a brand in 2023

Not only can you speak directly to your customers and engage them, but you can also share the WHY behind your brand in the most authentic way possible.

Storytelling is definitely an art,

Need help bringing your brand's story to life?

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We'll be happy to help you with that!

Vanessa Joy,

Lead Marketing & Brand Strategy


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