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Our services

For local organizations that
have people at the heart of their success.

At V&S, our entire service offering revolves around the fact that people in a leadership position need to be properly equipped to understand and better serve the individuals within their organizations, that is, the employees and the people who use your services, that is, your customers.

Our 3 elements of differentiation 

Our human-centered approach

The desire to do things well for the long term

Our professional expertise and background



Sonia Kwemi, M.Sc, CHRP
Lead Human Resources, Mediator, EDI,
Skills development & working relationships

  1. Integrative and strategic management of human resources;
    Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). AEEP etc.


  2. Skillset development; training, tailor-made courses workshops and executive coaching

  3. Management of labor relationships; conflict management,dispute prevention and resolution, mediation

  4. Employee experience; talent acquisition strategies, retention programs and analysis of organizational compensation metrics

  5. Animation and conferences;

    *Personalized HR Services tailored to your business needs


  1. Development and integration of 360 marketing strategies;
    E-commerce, brick & motor channel strategy and digital marketing, etc.


  2. Integration of inclusive marketing in its brand positioning

  3. Analysis of the customer journey and improvement of your
    consumer experience with a focus on diversity, inclusion and equity

  4. Brand Strategy; branding and rebranding
    (Website, communication channels, development of optimal offers/services)

  5. Data-driven marketing and optimization  for effective decision-making

  6. Skillset development; tailor-made coures, workshops and coaching

 * Personalized MKG services tailored to your business needs

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Vanessa Joynathsing, M.Sc, ACC
Marketing Strategist, Digital and Inclusive, EDI
Brand image development & customer experience strategy

Businesses who trusted us

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