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Discover our
portfolio of training courses

Our selection of training courses offered in the fields of
human ressources, marketing and EDI

Each training course is designed with the intention that each individual in your organisation is a value creator for the organisation and that your organisation, in turn, is a value creator for its customers.

Our trainings are conducted in groups or individually.
They are also offered in person or in virtual form.

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V&S Signature Trainings

Discover our most popular training courses offered in organizations in the fields of human resources, marketing and equity, diversity and inclusion.

Employee motivation in the current context

The power of inclusive marketing

The integration of equity, diversity and inclusion for high performing teams.

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An inclusive 
 and microagressions

Self-advocacy to design the career you want as a woman

Work-life balance in today's professional context.

Our available courses

These training courses are aimed at all professionals wishing to develop their skills and wishing to have more efficient teams.
They are designed for managers, entrepreneurs and HR and marketing professionals. 

Type of training





Human resources training

Understand the management and inclusion of diversity in business

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Employee management and labor relations

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How to stay motivated as a manager; after the recession comes the great resignation

Talent Acquisition Best Practices for SMBs

Understand the needs of your millennial and Gen Z employees

Marketing training

The power of inclusive branding

The art of selling through brand marketing

Master the use of your data to deliver a personalized customer experience

Connecting with consumers in a disconnected era

The essentials of today's digital marketing

Une sélection de nos formations sont accréditées par l'Ordre des CRHA.  
De plus toutes nos formations sont assujetties pour la réception d'un certificat de participation accommoder les employés qui participent aux formations payées par les employeurs. 


Need a tailor-made training?

That's good!
Our strength is also in tailor-made.
Just write to us with the information and we'll get back to you! 

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